Houte Couture. Maison Georges Hobeika’s Spring-Summer 2017

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Paris. Gloriously tinted with spirituality and energy, Maison Georges Hobeika’s Spring-Summer 2017 Couture collection is inspired by the creators of myths that color both ancient and modern Asian civilization.

Georges Hobeika, Couture, Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Show in Paris

Georges Hobeika, Couture, Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Show in Paris

The dragon, the fan and the flower each have a special place at the origin of the great Chinese dynasties. These mythical motifs also pay homage to nature’s beneficence, echoing a beautiful softness that evidences the feminine temperament. Celestial legend and guardian of earthly riches, the Chinese dragon with its serpentine body is brought to hand-embroidered life along aerial and luxurious fabrics. Its scales of gold and azure transform into sequin bouquets on tunic dresses, origami skirts, or elegant sheaths. Also representing the Chinese cycle of vegetation, this ferocious creature is sometimes metamorphosed
into a delicate cloud of flowers to exalt the supreme femininity of transparency and a curve.
The Dragon Crystal Ball is manifested as an anthology of pearls that extends a sleeve, animates a dashing clutch with bulbous accents, buds around sensual earrings, or shines in a flower’s center, from which individually crafted petals flourish in vigorous relief. Intense and joyful colors express the transient and constantly renewed beauty of the temporal elements; while pink, the symbol of ecstasy and benevolence, reminisces the Hanami and evokes sakuras in bloom with an invitation to contemplation.

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